As coordinator of the European project ‘ReBioStent’, Lucideon is developing new biomaterials and arterial stents, and has been awarded Euro 5.874M by the European Union.


With collaboration from fourteen partners from academia and industry, the EU FP7 project aims to develop multifunctional biomaterials for reinforced bioresorbable drug-eluting stents.  These newly developed biomaterials will be drug-loaded, bioresorbable and, compared to current bare metal stents, will have improved mechanical properties, thereby reducing the risk of in-stent restenosis and thrombosis.

Patents have been filed on new materials and processing technologies that have enabled a reinforced polymer:glass composite to be formed with superior mechanical properties whilst remaining bioresorbable.  This breakthrough will have significant benefits across the medical devices industry.  It is undergoing pre-clinical studies and design optimization, but is available for licensing and development by industry partners.

See Horizon's article 'The disappearing implants that might just save your life' on ReBioStent technology here

For more information on the project please visit the ReBioStent website.

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