Lucideon, together with the University of Lyon, is running ‘Biodensol’, a 7th framework European project to provide a network for initial training in the field of dentistry.


The project will support three PhD students, pictured above (from the left: Vincenzo Farano, Delihta Fernando and Federico Lizzi), as they research and employ novel powder materials (glass, ceramic, sol-gel) to create new, improved dental products, such as longer-life fillings or products that tackle caries or tooth enamel erosion.

The focus of their work is the development of novel inorganic powders for use in targeted end-products (examples being longer lasting composite restorations and media to stimulate re-mineralization).

The 3 PhD students are working on the following:

  • Porous soluble glasses to stimulate cell-induced re-mineralization of dentine
  • Porous insoluble powders for enhanced restoration to tooth bonding
  • Phase-separated glass powders for glass ionomer cement restorations.

For more information on the project please visit the Biodensol website

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