Collaborative Projects

Our experts are leading a range of publically funded projects for the development of new healthcare materials. We also provide contract R&D services for other public projects.

The projects we are currently leading include:


An EU FP7 project, coordinated by Lucideon, to develop new biomaterials and arterial stents. These newly developed biomaterials will be drug-loaded, bioresorbable and, compared to current bare metal stents, will have improved mechanical properties.


A European Commission funded project to train industry PhD researchers in the development of drug-free antibacterial materials for medical applications, such as wound care and implants.


Run jointly with the University of Lyon, Biodensol is a 7th framework European project that supports three PhD students as they research and employ novel powder materials (glass, ceramic, sol-gel) to create new, improved dental products, such as longer-life fillings or products that tackle caries or tooth enamel erosion.

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