Novel Composites and Bioresorbable Materials

We develop and optimize composite processing technologies, including selecting and developing the right materials for your composite, to tailor mechanical properties and biodegradation rate.  Our combined approach of designing materials for the purpose, and understanding the mechanisms of action and interaction, means that we can alter a product’s properties to suit the application and performance needs of your medical device.

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Bioresorbable Cardiovascular Stents

We are leading an EU project, ReBioStent, which aims to develop biodegradable stents with superior mechanical properties through the use of novel polymer and glass chemistries and processes. Read more

Antimicrobial Materials

Using our composites expertise, we are also running an EU-funded Industrial PhD training program for students, HyMedPoly, the aim of which is to develop antimicrobial composites from novel inorganic and organic materials for medical applications, such as wound care and orthopedic implants, using a multi-faceted approach. Read more

Bioactive Adhesives and Cements

Through a series of confidential projects, Lucideon is working with medical adhesives and composites companies to develop bioactive composites that help reduce damage from disease or bacterial or chemical attack, and subsequently repair damaged tissue by replacing the critical elements and stimulating cellular repair mechanisms.

Bioactive materials are well established in principle, but tailoring the composition to respond to the environment, whilst retaining the mechanical integrity of the medical device, is a challenge few can overcome – Lucideon is one of the few.

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