Novel Antimicrobial Materials

At Lucideon we create novel materials to add functionality to your product. One such area is in the development of antimicrobial materials and coatings using two key technology approaches:

  • Incorporating antimicrobial elements inherently into the chemistry of our materials - that work either by surface contact or dissolution of active ions.  These materials can then be applied as antimicrobial additives or thin surface coatings to any medical device.
  • Developing resorbable composite materials with specific surface functionality and properties, allowing multiple mechanisms of action to limit the ability of the bacteria to resist attack.

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  • Implantable medical devices – bulk or coatings
  • Electronics and screen coatings
  • Medical fabrics
  • Antimicrobial sprays
  • Wound care materials.

Antimicrobial Coatings

In collaboration with the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at King’s College London, Lucideon has developed an antimicrobial coating for portable communication devices.  The technology aims to cut the risk of cross infection from tablet devices and smart phones - appliances that are increasingly being used by healthcare professionals in the workplace.  The resulting crack-free and transparent antimicrobial coating offers excellent adhesion to the glass surface of handheld devices, and can be applied to other medical devices and products.


Together with 9 European partners, Lucideon has been awarded a €3.9m (£2.8m) grant by the European Commission to train industry PhD researchers for the development of drug-free antibacterial materials used for medical applications, such as wound care and orthopedic implants.

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