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Our technologies can help you to market superior and differentiated medical devices. With over 60 years of experience in materials development and innovation, we have created an array of technologies and materials for the medical devices industry. Our novel materials are available for development and licensing.

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» Novel Antimicrobial Materials

Using our ability to create novel materials to add functionality to your medical devices, by incorporating antimicrobial ions into the chemistry of your material or by modifying the surface properties of the materials, we offer drug-free solutions for preventing and treating infections. Applications include implantable and electronic device coatings.

» Novel Composites and Bioresorbable Materials

Using our knowledge of materials and how they work together, we’ve developed a range of novel composite materials for medical devices that are biocompatible and bioresorbable. One example is the development of biodegradable cardiovascular stents with superior mechanical properties.

» Bioactive Materials

We’ve developed a range of materials for hard and soft tissue replacement and bone repair, and drug delivery applications with enhanced biocompatibility and bioactivity.

» Toughened Ceramics and Coatings

Using our novel sintering technology, Flash Sintering (FS), we've created stronger ceramics for orthopedic and dental applications, as well as more durable coatings.

» Process Technologies

We have developed novel processing technologies that enable superior strength and improved properties of ceramics and composites (Viscous Plastic Processing and Flash Sintering technology).

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