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At Lucideon, we can manipulate materials via novel manufacturing processes and compositions to deliver the chemical and physical properties that your product needs, to be applied as coatings or bulk materials depending on the application.
We have developed an inorganic system that for encapsulation and/or delivery of actives, including inorganic and organic compounds and ions.

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Some Fundamental Benefits of the Technology:

Fundamental Benefits of the Technology

How the Technology Works

  • iCRT allows the active ingredient to be encapsulated into an inorganic amorphous matrix
  • Release of the active can be via diffusion from a porous insoluble matrix, or via dissolution of a soluble carrier matrix and consequent release of actives
  • The release can be triggered or delayed by changes in the environment e.g. pH, temperature, aqueous media, ionic concentrations, etc.

Control and Protect Functional Ingredients

The smart technology can help you improve the longevity or durability of your product's effectiveness by controlling the exposure of your functional ingredient to the environment.

For example, if an antimicrobial material only works for a few days before it is saturated, why not protect some of it from exposure until the initial dose is used up, and then release the next fresh batch, without having to interfere with the patient or product?

Alternatively, if you know infections cause a change in pH, why not design a material that is triggered to release the antimicrobial after a pH stimuli, meaning the active is not being wasted?

Optimizing and Adding Features

As well as using this platform to encapsulate materials, we can exploit the manufacturing processes to improve your materials properties, such as:

  • Add or improve optical features e.g. color, transparency
  • Transform physical properties, e.g. porosity, physical state
  • Change reactivity, e.g. solubility, stability in different environments/solvents.

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