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We are materials experts, understanding, developing and testing them and pushing their capabilities, properties, applications far beyond the norm. At Lucideon, we know that materials are critical to developing successful and safe medical devices. We use 60 years of experience to help you make innovating products with optimal performance.

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Working with ceramics, metals, polymers and composites, our teams have cross-industry knowledge and the support of world-class capabilities. We work with cardiovascular, dental, orthopedic, instrument and wound care manufacturers to develop novel medical materials and provide product and process optimization, from materials development and selection to powder processing consultancy and failure analysis.

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We are undertaking world leading medical materials research and development. Our key research themes are:

  • Superior implantable materials
  • Advanced dental materials
  • Toughened ceramics
  • Anti-infective materials

Public Projects

We get involved in various collaborations and publically funded projects to develop new medical materials: ReBioStent, HyMedPoly and Biodensol. Read about some of these projects here

Looking for medical device testing and analysis? At Lucideon we also offer medical devices R&D and regulatory submission data support including coating validation, and a range of other analytical services and consultancy.  Visit our main website here

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    Additive Manufacturing - A Metallurgical Perspective

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    Multi-Substituted Hydroxyapatites & Their Role in Bone Replacement

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