Lucideon Releases New White Paper on Potential Dangers of Leachables

Lucideon has released a new industry white paper ‘Are 3G Artificial Pitches Harmful to Players and the Environment?’

The paper highlights concerns that rubber crumb, recycled from old tyres and used as an infill material for 3G sports pitches, has been linked to incidences of cancer in football players who frequently use these pitches.  Rubber tyres contain many potentially harmful chemicals which are being proposed as the source of harm for players.  This white paper investigates the tests and procedures performed on rubber crumb samples to determine the presence and concentration of harmful chemicals that leach from the crumb.

Craig Donald, Head of Chemistry, Technical Manager, said:

“When rubber tyres were first used for artificial sport fields it was a welcome solution to recycling used tyres and reducing the costs of installation, as the rubber crumb infill is significantly cheaper than alternative materials.  This has led to a large number of these pitches being installed worldwide, which on the face of it is a good thing.”

“People are now becoming concerned that there seems to be a correlation between regular pitch users and certain cancer diagnoses.  Most studies focus on football players and appear to indicate that a higher number of cancer cases appear in goalkeepers, the players who are most likely to experience skin contact on the rubber crumb.  Another area of interest is trying to understand the environmental impact as heavy metals present in the rubber could potentially find their way into water streams.  The white paper focuses on the chemical analyses that have been performed on the recycled crumb product to determine what is leaching from the material and in what quantity.  What we don’t study are exposure levels, which is of course a significant factor in the risk of playing on these surfaces and to the environment.”

Lucideon is a materials development company specializing in industry relevant technologies across a wide range of sectors.  Lucideon’s materials experts develop technology platforms that can be utilized by innovative industry partners to develop market disrupting products that solve real world industry needs.  Lucideon’s materials development is performed by world leading experts and is supported by state-of-the-art testing and analytical laboratories in the UK and USA.  If you’d like to find out more about Lucideon’s materials development services please visit

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