Lucideon Announces Webinar on Post-Processing Treatments for AM Components

Lucideon is hosting a webinar, ‘Common Post-Processing Treatments for Additive Manufactured Components’ on Thursday 28 September, 10am EDT/3pm (GMT).

Hosted by Julius Bonini, aerospace business manager at Lucideon, the webinar will focus on the common post-processing treatments applied to additively manufactured (AM) metal components, as well as the impact of these treatments on the performance of AM components.

Julius said:

“Metal additive manufacturing has evolved with the development of new equipment, methods, powder sources and post-treatment processes – among other things.  Despite these advances, post-processing of AM components remains an important step to produce safer and stronger products. 

“At Lucideon we do a lot of work in this area to ensure that post-processing methods are effective and efficient for their specific applications.  It is essential that we keep an eye on these developments and continue to improve post-processing operations as well as additive manufacturing processes themselves.”

Lucideon provides materials consultancy, testing and characterization and materials development to a range of industries.  Lucideon’s experts work closely with industry partners to help them understand and optimize their additive manufacturing processes.  They help manufacturers become more efficient and consistent through understanding their key parameters and implementing quality control measures.

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