Lucideon to present at Materials Science & Technology 2016

Lucideon is presenting at the Materials Science & Technology 2016 event in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA taking place 23-27 October this year.  The presentation is titled ‘Microstructural and Surface Defects Found in Additive Manufactured Titanium Components'.

Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is a focus of research for many in the materials and manufacturing industries.  Julius Bonini, Principal Consultant, Metallurgy, at Lucideon has worked with manufacturers in a diverse range of industries to optimise both AM products and processes.

Julius said:

“Additive manufacturing has the potential to allow us to make ever more complex and customized products.  However in these early days we are seeing a number of hurdles which need to be overcome if the full potential of this technique is to be realized.

“I will be presenting on a variety of microstructural and surface defects that we see in additive manufactured components made from Titanium.  Titanium is of special interest due to its high levels of compatibility with the human body, making it ideal for implants.  The issues that will be shown could cause problems for the recipient so it is important that we understand and eliminate the causes of these defects.  Controlling the surface issues for this application is also important since a regular porous structure can aid with bone ingrowth.”

Lucideon provides materials consultancy and independent testing and analysis.  Through expertise in industrial applications and materials properties Lucideon helps partners understand their materials, products and processes and develop and identify new and improved materials for use in existing and new applications.  Lucideon offers surface analysis, materials characterization and process validation services for additive manufacturers in any sector, to ensure their products and processes are optimized.

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