Lucideon Presents Abuse Deterrent Drug Delivery Platform at the World Drug Delivery Summit

Lucideon was selected to speak at the World Drug Delivery Summit in Houston, USA, on ‘iCRT-deter, a new approach to abuse deterrent technologies using inorganic matrices for controlled release’ on August 18th this year.

Delivered by Dr Mark Cresswell, the presentation focused on Lucideon’s novel drug delivery platform, iCRT-deter, a controlled release technology developed to combat prescription drug abuse.  Lucideon’s iCRT technology has several advantages including tamper resistance and tightly controlled release rates.  It was the first time that much of the information and data to be presented will be released to the public.

Dr Mark Cresswell, Senior Development Scientist at Lucideon, said, “The misuse and abuse of prescription drugs is a major problem in many areas of the world and particularly in the US.  Controlled release technologies help to tackle the problem by delivering the required drug in a more controlled manner.  This allows patients to receive the therapeutic effect needed, whilst deterring intentional abuse, and reducing the risk associated with misuse.

“Our inorganic Controlled-Release Technologies have attracted the attention of pharmaceutical manufacturers due to the platform’s ability to tightly control the release rate of an active.  The properties of our delivery platforms in particular make them excellent candidate materials for abuse deterrent formulations. They are resistant to common physical and chemical methods of formulation manipulation whilst still achieving the necessary controlled active release rate.”

Find out more about Lucideon’s abuse deterrent technologies here

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