Lucideon to Host Webinar on Dental Sector Materials Development

Lucideon is hosting a webinar entitled ‘Novel Materials Development to Address Dental Sector Needs’ on Thursday 2 November at 15:00 UK time, 11:00 EDT.

Lucideon is working with the University of Lyon, France, on a European Commission (EC) funded project entitled “Biodensol”. The project is exploring the development of novel inorganic materials for restorations and bonding layers. The project brings together complimentary skills in inorganic powder development processing and characterization (Lucideon) and cell testing, dental laboratory practice (Lyon).

The webinar will be hosted by Delihta Fernando (one of Lucideon’s three Biodensol PhD students) and Dr Phil Jackson (Biodensol project manager at Lucideon). It will explore the important drivers facing the dental industry and discuss the potential roles that novel materials could play as ‘enablers’.

Delihta said:

“In this webinar I will be looking at the novel inorganic material types that we are developing during the Biodensol EC-funded project, which is exploring the potential to extend tooth or restoration lifetimes.

“Inorganic materials have the potential to provide added functionalities and they can be highly biocompatible, a big advantage for medical devices and implants.”

Lucideon has years of experience in testing and developing metals, glasses and ceramics for various industries.  Lucideon’s experts work closely with R&D and engineering teams across many sectors, including dentistry, to help them understand and optimize their processes and materials.  Lucideon helps manufacturers become more efficient and consistent through understanding their key process parameters and implementing quality control measures.  Its experts are experienced in working with a range of dental products, such as implants, adhesives and restoration materials.

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