Lucideon to Host Orthopedic Wear and Mechanical Testing Webinar

Lucideon, together with Knight Mechancial Testing, is hosting a webinar entitled ‘Wear and Mechanical Testing of Hips and Knees - What the Standards Don’t Tell You’ on the 28th April at 3PM (UK time) 10AM (EST).

The webinar, which is being presented by Ramiro Ramirez, Prosthetic Knee Wear Test Engineer, Lucideon, and Kevin Knight, CEO, Knight Mechanical Testing (KMT), will discuss the standards and guidance offered for wear and mechanical testing of orthopaedic implants and what their limitations are.  The presenters will draw on their own experiences in developing test methods for orthopedic devices where guidance is not clear or sufficient.

Ramiro Ramirez said:

“The safety and performance of orthopedic devices is paramount for the patient, thus the goal of implant manufacturers is to make their products as robust as possible.  Due to the complexity of these devices and the speed at which the industry is moving, the guidance and standards available do not always cover what is required.

“Lucideon partners with KMT for fatigue and mechanical testing services.  Developing new test methods and internal standards is a common requirement for us.  This can involve modifying waveforms to simulate different ranges of motion and loads, analyzing the coatings that are applied to the surface, or any other custom needs.  Whether preparing the data for a product to be put on the market or testing  new products in the design phase, this is a service that proves invaluable when current guidance and standards don’t cover our clients’ needs.”

Lucideon provides dedicated testing for hip and knee orthopedic implants from its laboratories in the UK and USA.  Lucideon’s laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025 and all aspects of ISO 14242 (hips) and ISO 14243 (knees) and equipped with the latest gold standard simulators.  Lucideon entered into a Marketing and Commercial Collaboration Agreement with KMT in 2014 so that both companies could offer a complete portfolio of testing and analysis services to the orthopedic industry and access each other’s expertise.

[Registration for this webinar is now closed] You can see the webinar recording here

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