Lucideon Releases New Healthcare Video

Lucideon has released a new video to showcase its services for the healthcare industries, including the medical devices, consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

The video focuses on what makes Lucideon different from other providers, namely their people.  Employees from Lucideon’s sites in both the UK and the US talk about how their materials expertise, cross-industry knowledge and quality and accuracy of service add value to the partnerships they build with clients.

Gemma Budd, Healthcare Business Manager, said:

“We didn’t want to just show our range of capabilities but rather we wanted to highlight what we believe makes us unique.  Our people are highly skilled, have extensive materials expertise and have worked in industries as diverse as aerospace, construction, ceramics and power generation.  This allows them to transfer technologies and ideas across to the healthcare arena, which can only benefit our clients.

“In addition, we pride ourselves on our innovative thinking; we look at a client’s long-term goals and work with them to develop the materials, products and technologies of the future.”

Lucideon provides materials technologies and testing for a wide range of clients, from pharmaceutical suppliers to medical device manufacturers.  Orthopaedic implants are a key area of focus, with capabilities including regulatory submission support, wear testing, cleanliness validation and failure analysis.

Materials technologies include the development of inorganic controlled release platforms, bioactive glasses and ceramics, antimicrobial materials and bioresorbable polymers.   The company is also working on a technology, Field Enhanced Processing, to develop tougher ceramic products that can be fired at reduced firing times and temperatures.

The video can be viewed below:

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