Lucideon to Host Additive Manufacturing Webinar

Lucideon will be holding a free webinar, ‘Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective’ on 21 April at 15:00hrs (GMT), 10:00hrs (EST).

Hosted by Julius Bonini, P.E., Engineering Manager at Lucideon, the webinar will look at the metallurgical aspects of the three stages of Additive Manufacturing processing, from pre-processing powder issues and issues with powder fusion during processing to heat treatment, surface treatments and HIP post-processing.  The advantages and disadvantages of typical component applications will also be discussed, alongside general metallurgical problems that can occur.

The webinar will start with an introduction to metal Additive Manufacturing, including electron beam vs laser melting methods, powder bed vs deposition methods and available metal systems.  Available standards, testing and validation and future trends will also be briefly covered.

Julius Bonini said:

“The webinar is suitable for manufacturers who already use additive manufacturing or for those who are thinking about incorporating it into their processes.

“This is an exciting technology but one which, like any new technology, has its challenges.  In the webinar, I’ll tackle some of these and point out issues to consider from a metallurgical perspective.”

Lucideon provides additive manufacturing support and testing, from materials/powders selection and development to process optimization and quality assurance. 

[Registration for this webinar has now closed]. You can view the webinar recording here

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