Replacing Microbeads

With regulations changing and the building pressure from consumers, it is crucial that personal care product manufacturers find a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to the microbead.

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Microbeads and microplastics are commonly used in cosmetic and personal care products as exfoliation agents or fillers in products like body scrubs, toothpastes and anti-aging creams. These materials are generally non-biodegradable and as a result pose a significant environmental hazard.

That is why at Lucideon we have developed a range of alternative materials that both the consumer and the environment will love! Our range of materials are free from plastics, entirely biodegradable and adaptable to consumer needs.

With our microbead alternative, the consumer will get the benefit of the beads when in-use, before the bead dissolves naturally leaving nothing behind except for ubiquitous ions. The materials can be modified to dissolve after a few seconds, minutes or longer, depending on your intended use. We can also modify our bead so that they can impart even more benefits, for example, releasing an active onto the skin as it dissolves!


  • Biodegradable (flexible degradation time)
  • Tailorable size and feel
  • Add extra functions - colour changes, release actives
  • Non-toxic
  • Stable in formulation
  • Designed for various applications including skin and oral care

We are interested in a partnership for the development of our novel non-polymeric beads, so please get in touch with any questions on or 01782 764389.

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