How We Work

We partner with consumer product manufacturers to support product innovation and optimization of current products and processes.  Our technology platforms are developed in collaboration with manufacturers on a contract R&D basis. Licencing options for these platforms are then available to the development partner.

At Lucideon, we also offer, on a contract basis, technical consultancy and development services.

Developing Concepts Together

We like to start things off with a brainstorming session, exploring your needs and familiarizing ourselves with your commercial objectives. You tell us your challenges and ideas and we’ll get our technical and commercial heads together to develop a selection of feasible ideas. The ideas may utilize our current technology platforms or require new technology development to suit your needs.

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The Process

Our experts are with you from start to finish:

Need, Concept, Feasibility, Development

Implementing the Technology

  • Development scientists to design the prototype
  • Engineers to scale up the process
  • Process engineers to help implement the process into your manufacturing line
  • Contract technical consultancy available to provide support thereafter.