• Materials expertise. We work with you to improve and develop materials and products that can transform the face of healthcare.
  • Support for your whole product life-cycle. From R&D to reformulation and optimization, we support every part of your process.
  • New materials technologies. We develop advanced technologies that tackle industry challenges offering real solutions.
  • Testing and characterization. Whether it’s routine or custom testing we provide you with advanced testing and expert analysis of the data.
  • An extension of your team. Whether you need to tackle a specific challenge, free up internal resource or access our comprehensive analytical and pilot plant capabilities, we can help.
  • International. We serve clients around the world with laboratories and offices in the UK, the US and the Far East.

Lucideon has partnered with CONMED on nearly two dozen critical projects involving metals, ceramics, and plastics. Not only does Lucideon possess outstanding analytic capabilities, but they consistently differentiate themselves by providing the practical guidance and consultancy needed to move projects forward.

Jeff Jerrell, Engineering Analysis Group Manager