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Alternative and Solid Fuels

Alternative fuels are resources which can be used in the same manner as more traditional fuels, i.e. coal and oil; the combustion of alternative solid fuels generates energy and heat.

When using alternative fuels in a combustion process it is necessary to evaluate the fuel for compounds that may have an adverse environmental or manufacturing impact. Whether you need calorific values, legislative advice, or finished product evaluation, Lucideon is well positioned to supply end users of alternative fuels and waste processors or handlers with all the essential support and analysis required. These capabilities include the analysis of heavy metals and anions, chloride, fluoride, sulphate and sulphide. Lucideon's laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025.

Alternative fuel testing offerings include:

  • Calorific values - both gross and net
  • Biomass content
  • Carbon content
  • Moisture
  • Sulphur
  • Dioxins and furans
  • Anions by IC
  • Metals by ICP.

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