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Metallography and Imaging & Analysis for Wind Turbines

Wind turbine materials and components are often evaluated in a mounted and polished cross-section to prepare them for analysis.  We metallographically prepare samples composed of nearly any material, and combinations of materials.  Whether you want to further understand the materials used in your composite wind turbine blade or the ceramic coating on your metallic bearing, Lucideon will make it happen.  Even companies that have their own metallographic preparation capabilities come to Lucideon for development of procedures to polish their complex specimens!

Our techniques and expertise can be trusted to accurately represent the realities of your materials.  You can be sure observations are true-to-life, and not an artifact of material pull-out or lack of edge retention due to poor metallographic polishing techniques.

We can polish and etch a wide variety and combination of materials, including samples embedded with materials that have widely disparate properties, all to a uniform plane.

Lucideon has decades of experience etching a wide variety of materials to highlight their microstructure and constituents.  Etch material selection and utilizing the correct etching parameters are key to showing true features of metals, super alloys, ceramics, glasses and composite materials. 

We also perform large-scale macro etching of castings and components to evaluate the grain structure of materials.

Typical examples of metallographic evaluations for Wind Energy include:

  • Determining the root cause for premature corrosion on bearings
  • Assessing manufacturing techniques for small components with tight clearances (i.e. gold-plated silver pins press-fit into a ceramic base with a stainless steel surround)
  • Rotor tab re-lead examinations
  • Performing specification compliance testing to qualify parts for installation or repair (i.e. coated bearings, gearbox components, composite lay-up procedures)

A variety of imaging and analysis techniques are applied to prepared specimens ranging from optical microscopy to microstructural and chemical analysis via SEM-EDS, Electron Microprobe and SIMS techniques.

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