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Material & Alloy Selection for Wind Turbines

The properties of materials and coatings required to maintain reliability and extend service life for on-shore wind turbines in India are going to be very different than the properties required for a wind farm located off the shore of the Netherlands.

Utilize Lucideon’s materials expertise in metal alloys, super alloys, ceramics, glasses, coatings, adhesives, polymers, composites, and additively manufactured materials to help you select the optimal materials and protective coating systems for any environment or application. 

After potential materials have been identified, standardized and customized testing and exposure programs will be developed and performed to evaluate performance.  For new materials, pilot-scale lots of materials may be manufactured for testing.  Post-testing, full materials characterizations are conducted to validate or de-select materials.  To learn more about our characterization capabilities, click here.

Examples include:

  • Selecting corrosion-resistant material for bearings and babbitt
  • Specifying raw materials and finishing techniques for additive manufactured components
  • Specifying appropriate resin repair materials
  • Identifying composite materials appropriate for specific chemical environments
  • Selecting weld materials for two dissimilar metals
  • Prohibiting the use of certain processing techniques on a material
  • Determining an optimal bond-coat layer between a substrate and a coating.

A comprehensive material selection and testing program will expedite the improvement or development of your products, saving you time and money while keeping you ahead of your competition.

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