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Chemical Analysis for Wind Energy

There is a wide variety of materials used to manufacture one complete wind turbine and electricity generating system.  Lucideon provides chemical and thermal analysis services ranging from quantitative micro analysis to qualitative macro analyses.  

Our material analysis perform chemical analysis to:

  • Identify unknown materials such as debris found in a gearbox or generator, the alloy composition of a turbine component that requires repair, contaminants found in retreat resins and manufacturing processes, and to discover the weld or braze materials used
  • Verify the composition of materials and components to ensure suppliers are providing quality goods that meet specification, industry and regulatory requirements, “first piece” and “lot” qualifications, and to support process troubleshooting and investigations for failure of turbine and generator hardware, concrete, blades and insulation systems
  • Determine reaction and processing results - identify the composition of reaction products and stains; determine if processing has changed the chemistry, surface properties or contributed to failure during manufacture, test or service.

Find out more about our chemical analysis services here.

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    Wind Turbine Impact Damage Study
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    Solving Problems by Materials Analysis with an Electron Microprobe
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