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Power Generation Component Specification Testing

Lucideon provides independent, third-party components testing and analysis, to support OEMs, companies that want to expand their product offerings to OEMs, and technology disruptors who want to develop new technologies for the Power Generation industry

We offer a wide variety of analytical techniques performed by materials analysts with decades of experience evaluating power generation materials, components and systems.

Power generation specification testing capabilities include chemical, thermal, mechanical, metallurgical, electrical and microstructural analysis to qualify components consisting of a wide variety of materials.  

Examples of the components and materials we work with in the power generation industry include:

  • Fuel nozzles and manifolds
  • Turbine blades
  • Ripple springs
  • Stator bars
  • Tapes
  • NEMA LI1 composites
  • Brush seals
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs).

To see a list of some of the ASTM test methods performed, click here

We also provide power generation specification testing to OEM, customer-specific, and regulatory requirements.

If, for any reason, a component does not meet specification requirements, we can provide insight and advice on raw material selection, manufacturing, joining and processing techniques and parameters to ensure reliable compliance, and an increase in quality.

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