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Ceramics & Ceramic Matrix Composites

The material property boundaries of components in gas turbines are constantly being challenged.  If turbines can run at higher temperatures, they produce less emissions and run more efficiently.

Utilize Lucideon's expertise in every aspect of ceramics, from raw material through to finished component, to develop, qualify, optimize application techniques, troubleshoot, and perform failure analysis on coated and ceramic matrix composite (CMC) turbine components.

We can help you engineer and optimize the features you desire:

  • Selection, qualification and specification of raw materials
  • Designed microstructure
  • Bonding
  • Lack of defects or flaws
  • High mechanical strength
  • Shrinkage and deformation control
  • Determine optimal processing and application techniques & operating windows
  • Surface finish.

Examples of how you can utilize Lucideon's ceramics expertise include:

  • Reduction of spalling of coatings (TBC, EBC)
  • Evaluation of thermal and phase-transition properties of system materials
  • Selection of material systems fit for specific environments (i.e. desert, coastal)
  • Optimization of application processes (LPPS, EB-PVD, APS, CVD).