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Material & Alloy Selection

If you are designing a new product for a new application or environment, or want to improve product quality, performance or longevity, stop premature failures from occurring or reduce the cost of products, we can help.

We’ll select and specify the best material and material combinations for any environment and loading conditions, providing materials expertise in metal alloys and super alloys, ceramics, glasses, coatings, polymers, composites, and additive manufacturing materials.

After potential materials options have been identified, standardized and customized testing and exposure programs are developed.  Pilot-scale lots of materials may be fabricated or manufactured for testing at Lucideon.  Post-testing, full materials characterizations are conducted to validate or de-select materials.  To learn more about our characterization capabilities, click here.

Examples include:

  • Selecting corrosion resistant materials for equipment
  • Specifying raw materials for additive manufactured components
  • Identifying composite materials appropriate for specific chemical environments
  • Developing wear resistant coatings
  • Specifying refractory materials
  • Selecting weld materials for two dissimilar metals
  • Prohibiting the use of certain processing techniques on a material.

A comprehensive material selection and testing program will expedite the improvement or development of your products, saving you time and money while keeping you ahead of your competition.