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Fatigue Testing

Fatigue is the resistance of a material to fail during cyclical loading.

Failure Analysis

Once a failure has occurred, our experienced metallurgical engineers can determine if the failure was due to fatigue, or other root causes, by performing a thorough and methodical failure analysis investigation.

Our team will guide you through the information, documentation, and sample collection process to provide the foundation for a successful investigation.

Material Selection

You can use us as an extension of your design team to select materials that are fit for the application, as well as for the stresses and environment it will be used in.  To learn more, click here.


Materials selected can be verified for use and their endurance range by cyclical fatigue testing through a range of stresses for a varying number of cycles.

Examples of fatigue investigations include:

  • Fatigue of gas turbine compressor section stator vanes
  • Fretting fatigue of bearings
  • Fatigue cracks in drilling components
  • Fatigue failure of bolts.

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