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Ceramics & Ceramic Matrix Composites

Oil and gas equipment must perform in harsh abrasive and corrosive environments.  Ceramic materials are ideal for use in such environments.  Ceramic material properties may be tailored to optimize performance of parts used in pumps, liners, filters, valves, seals, and bearings to increase the service life of equipment used in exploration, drilling and processing.

Complex materials may be engineered to overcome specific property requirements. For example, to improve the tensile strength of ceramics, hybrid materials of ceramics, fibers (CMCs) and metal composites may be designed.

The performance of a ceramic or CMC component is dependent on the consistency and quality of its material properties. Utilize Lucideon's expertise in every aspect of ceramics, from raw material through to finished component, to develop, qualify, troubleshoot, optimize and perform failure analysis on oil & gas components.

Examples of how you can utilize Lucideon's ceramics expertise include:

  • Replace metallic components to improve performance in extreme-wear and corrosive conditions
  • Improve the toughness, compressive strength or hardness of components
  • Optimize the processing parameters utilized to manufacture ceramic or CMC components to maximize consistency throughout the component.