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Dr. Andre Prette

Expertise in: Advanced Ceramics & Flash Sintering

Technical Manager and Researcher, Multi Materials - Flash Sintering

Andre was awarded his BSc in Materials Science and Engineering (with Honours) from Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil, where he began his love of the world of ceramics, which culminated with his PhD from University of Trento, Italy, on “Sintering of Co2MnO4 spinel for protective coatings in SOFC”

Andre Prette

Andre completed his BSc in 2005 and continued at UFSC to earn his Master’s Degree.  He spent a year at the University of Erlangen, Germany, as part of his master’s course, which he finished in 2007 with the thesis “Development of ceramic glazes for application on high performance electrical insulators”.  He then went on to earn his PhD from University of Trento on “Sintering of Co2MnO4 spinel for protective coatings in SOFC”.  As part of his PhD he spent almost a year at University of Colorado at Boulder (USA) working with flash sintering with Professor Rishi Raj.

After his PhD, Andre moved to Germany again, to Bayreuth, where he worked as a Post-doc for the University of Bayreuth at the Institute of Ceramic Materials.  The main research topic was applications of Polymer-Derived-Ceramics (PDC) as protective/functional coatings. Andre is the author/co-author of several papers including two patents and a book.

At Lucideon Andre is Technical Manager of the Flash Sintering/Processing group developing a novel sintering technology for industrial applications, offering reduced energy usage, CO2 emissions and time to sinter.  He focuses on delivering FS projects, developing new technology concepts and researching innovative materials solutions for industry.

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