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Coating Analysis

To help you improve the quality and functionality of your coating systems we provide thorough characterization and evaluation, using techniques such as chemical analysis, thermal analysis, mechanical testing and imaging techniques.

By determining what raw materials and processing parameters we can help you to produce an optimized product.

Our services include characterization of chemical composition, thickness, homogeneity, porosity, microstructure, interface interactions, bonding, surface roughness, micro hardness, discoloration, wear and changes in functionality of coating systems and performance.

Lucideon has developed the metallographic techniques to perform the proper sampling, sectioning, mounting and polishing to effectively analyze and image coatings in cross-section.  Proper technique is required to preserve true coating features, such as retention of coating edges.

Examples include:

  • Glass seal evaluations
  • Porous coatings made by additive layer manufacturing (ALM) methods
  • Electrolyte coatings
  • Anti-corrosion coatings.

Surface analysis techniques are compatible with retrospective 3D mapping and depth profiling techniques.  Detailed surface topography and color-coded chemical constituent maps may be provided from a surface or cross-sectional plane to provide a thorough understanding and characterization of any coating system.

To learn more about our surface analysis techniques, click here.

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