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Traditional Ceramics

Raw Materials Selection - Tableware

We understand that to make a quality, durable and long lasting product, while keeping costs to a minimum, you must select the appropriate raw materials.

Whatever the reason for considering a change in material selection, be it for cost issues, supplier, quality or environmental reasons we can answer questions such as:

  • How can we improve existing materials, products, processes and technologies?
  • Can we make them perform better – by selecting different materials and reformulating?
  • Can we add functionality to what they do?
  • Can we reduce the cost of them?
  • Can we pinpoint the root cause of failures and stop them from re-occurring?
  • Can we improve yields?
  • How can we develop the next generation of products and processes?

Some examples of our services include:

  • Chemical analysis of both bulk composition and trace analysis
  • Mineralogical analyses for speciation and phase determination
  • Physical testing such as grading, density, porosity, strength, rheology, mechanical, electrical and thermal properties
  • Microstructural testing to study product failure or defects, failure mechanisms, inclusions, grain size and bonding structure
  • Surface analysis to detect failures, contamination and defects