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As well as being products in their own right, powders are an important component in many shaped products or coatings. The Knowledge Transfer Network has estimated powders are associated with 65% of all industrial processing.

Lucideon is a Materials testing and technical consultancy company. Whilst we don’t create products from materials ourselves, we exist to support clients who do. We achieve this through confidential trouble-shooting, process optimization and novel product development.

Based on decades of experience in supporting the materials industries, we believe we can offer a fresh, balanced view that isn’t blinkered by sector-specific approaches. Central to our approach is a “toolbox” of analytical measurements for dry powders, powders held in a fluid suspension and then intermediate / final products. Some measurements will be suitable only to better understand your process; others will be suitable for QC in a re-optimised process.

But being able to measure things at different stages of production is only the start. We’ve also gained a solid understanding of different powder processing technologies and, perhaps more importantly, the variables associated with them. We appreciate that there will be process variables you are happy to work with and others that you want to fix. We work as an extension to your in-house experts, making connections between measurements and process variables to ultimately help you create Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that deliver higher yields, higher throughputs, better product performance etc.

Powders Sounding Board (PSB) is an initiative to get your business started on the road defined above. We don’t claim to provide a solution immediately. Rather, this low cost initiative provides a 1 hour conference call in which we listen to your application and then provide (i) initial feedback on your issue and (ii) concepts for going forward.

PSB offers flexibility in that you are free to work-up the ideas raised on your own. Alternatively you can ask us for a quotation to work with you. If you ultimately accept the quotation we’ll refund the initial intervention fee.

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    Inorganic Powders in Dentistry

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    The Applications of Zeta Potential in Process Control

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    The Role of Zeta Potential in the Manufacture of Healthcare Materials

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