The Powders Sounding Board

As well as being important products in their own right, powders are fundamental raw materials in the creation of a wide range of products across many industries. A sound knowledge of powder characterization techniques and the process variables associated with turning them into coatings or 3-D shaped products is thus essential. 

At Lucideon, we’re experts in all things powder-related, helping clients to optimize products and processes, troubleshoot problems and develop the products of the future.

Through our new initiative, the Powders Sounding Board, we will work with you to signpost the way forward with any issues or challenges you’re facing with your powders or the processing of them.

This is how the PSB works:

Powders Sounding Board Process Schematic

This is a one-hour consultation with two powder experts by video- or tele-conferencing, during which we’ll provide some initial feedback on your processing issue.

Typical feedback from the 1 hour intervention might include:

  • An indication of whether we agree with your assessment of the current situation
  • ……….. and if not, what we believe broadly are the key issues
  • Ideas for novel QC tests to support your understanding
  • What you can do to better understand how process variables impact on product quality
  • Concepts for the next steps you might take.

Following the intervention, you are then free to either explore things further via your own team or ask us for a quotation to work with you on the agreed next steps. If you ultimately accept the quotation we’ll refund the cost of the one-hour consultation.

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