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Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant, Head of Medical Materials

Xiang Zhang, Principal Consultant, Head of Medical Materials Dr. Xiang Zhang, Royal Society Industry Fellow of University of Cambridge, has over 34 years combined academia (17 years) and industrial (17 years) experience in advanced materials science and technology, an expert in polymer and polymeric hybrid materials science and technology. Dr Zhang is also Head of the Lucideon Cambridge School of Advanced Materials and Head of Medical Materials and Devices. He is the author of three books “Inorganic Biomaterials”, “Inorganic Controlled Release Technology” and “Science and Principles of Biodegradable and Bioresorbable Medical Polymers - Materials and Properties” (to be published by Elsevier). Dr. Zhang’s industry experience was gained in leading an international healthcare company, where, as Principal Scientist and Principal Technologist, his work covered almost all aspects of medical materials and devices from R&D and manufacturing support to failure analysis and QC. Prior to joining Lucideon, Xiang worked as Director of a technology company, in the field of nano-conductive materials and diagnostic medical devices.

Richard Padbury, Senior Polymer Consultant

Richard Padbury, Senior Polymer Consultant Dr. Richard Padbury holds a B.Sc. in Physics from the University Manchester, UK, M.S. in Textile Engineering and a Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC. Prior to joining Lucideon, Dr. Padbury worked as a Senior Product Engineer in the filtration/separation industry. As a Polymer Technology Consultant, Dr. Padbury lead’s polymer related projects for Lucideon primarily in the United States. In addition to technical projects, he also works on identifying industry needs and new polymer technologies/applications in development. He is an expert in structure-property relationships as well as transport and kinetic properties of polymers. Specifically, Dr. Padbury has investigated the unification of inorganic material properties in polymers using vapor phase modification techniques and nanostructured polymers through phase separation in thermoplastic elastomers and block copolymers. With his background in textile engineering and fiber science, Dr. Padbury has specialized knowledge of polymer melt and solution spinning processes, structure formation and mechanical properties of fibers, nonwovens and woven materials in addition to novel surface modification techniques. Through his expertise, Dr. Padbury assists customers by selecting the most suitable materials for their new products and tuning the manufacturing process for their materials. He has knowledge of statistical design of experiments that can be used during development and scale-up stages of the product development life-cycle.

Xi Peng, Polymer Scientist

Xi Peng, Polymer Scientist Dr. Xi Peng has a BEng in Polymer Materials Engineering and a PhD in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. He is also a Member of Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Dr. Peng’s expertise encompasses the properties, characterization and manufacturing processes of polymers and polymer-based composites. This includes the formulation, processing and analysis of natural polymer-based materials for different applications. Dr. Peng provides consulting services to manufacturers, particularly those in the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries, to manage polymers throughout all stages of the product lifecycle, whether in innovative product development or the solving of materials and product failures. Dr. Peng’s expertise provides customers with a better understanding of the polymers they are using, helping to select the most suitable materials for their new products and adopting the appropriate manufacturing process for their materials. As an expert in the design of chemical analysis and physical testing, Dr. Peng is an expert in the root cause analysis of product failures and finding the corrective solutions to prevent the problems from happening again in the future. 

Christopher Lovell, Research Scientist

Christopher Lovell, Research Scientist Dr. Christopher Lovell has a PhD in Polymer Physics and a MPhys in Physics from the University of Leeds. His PhD was through a collaboration with Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics. Before joining Lucideon in January 2015, Chris worked in France on behalf of Essilor International optimising thermoforming procedures for functionalised, polymer-film based, ophthalmic lens coatings. With his unique blend of traditional physics and polymer physics, Dr. Lovell is an expert in the mechanical, optical, and transport properties of polymers in the melt, solution, and solid state. Dr. Lovell’s expertise provides customers with a better understanding of the relationships between structure and function in technologically important polymeric systems which can be applied to processing and scale-up efforts in a broad range of sectors. Specifically, Dr. Lovell has developed novel biomaterials for orthopaedic tissue repair and replacement and he has undertaken accelerated research with Lucideon on the formulation and compounding of novel hybrid biomaterials.

Joe Foroughi, Manager of Chemical Operations

Joe Foroughi, Manager of Chemical Operations Joe holds a Masters of Science in Chemistry from Stanford University. He is a lifelong member of the American Chemical Society, a 10-year member of ASM International, a 10-year member of Microbeam Analysis Society, and a member of the Capital District Microscopy and Microanalysis Society. Prior to his 10 years with Lucideon, Joe spent 10 years as a scientist in a materials analysis laboratory with a leader in medical devices. Joe is an expert in the analysis of the composition of commercial elastomers, plastics, composites, adhesives, coatings and resins including the basic parameters and fundamentals that are key to understanding their properties. Furthermore, Joe has extensive knowledge of tests and standards for chemical, thermal, electrical and physical properties of polymers. With his analytical expertise, Joe is a methodical and efficient problem solver providing expertise using tests in the investigation of failures of polymer products. Compliance with nuclear regulations for the use of non-metallic materials (most of which are polymeric) in critical environments is a particular specialty of Joe’s department. With his extensive background and expertise, Joe provides customers with an understanding of current materials, competitor materials, tests for acceptability of purchased items compared to specifications, understanding of premature failure mechanisms, and supports compliance with regulatory agencies.

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