Polymer Analysis

Polymers inherently possess time dependent, viscoelastic properties which makes them unique in comparison to metallic or ceramic counterparts.  It also means they can perform unexpectedly during manufacturing and use if not thoroughly characterized for a specific application.

To overcome these challenges, our materials consultants provide expert insight into your polymer materials and processes, supported by our dedicated testing and analytical capabilities.

Key capabilities for polymers include:

  • FT-IR – polymer identification, functional group analysis, chemical structure, oxidation
  • DSC/TGA - thermal properties, crystallinity, defects/impurities, curing properties
  • GPC – polymer molecular weight which is important for understanding mechanical properties
  • SEM/EDX – morphology and identification of foreign bodies
  • Mechanical testing – tensile, compression, flexural and fatigue
  • Exceptional surface science capabilities – XPS, DSIMS and ToF-SIMS – to investigate surface contamination or adhesion of coatings
  • LC-MS and GC-MS to investigate impurities and fillers present in polymer formulations
  • Material databases and analysis of normalized property data for a given design scenario.

Access to these capabilities ensures:

  • the selection of the right polymers for the right application
  • determination of optimal process parameters to meet essential performance properties
  • analysis of raw materials ensuring quality and performance is maintained when changes occur
  • root cause analysis and corrective solutions to prevent product failures reoccuring.

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