Lightweighting by Design

To facilitate the lightweighting by design process, we use the latest in optimization software. Coupled with our materials expertise and industry knowledge, the software enables us to produce optimum designs - to give you better performing and novel products that use less materials.

What are the benefits of this approach?

  • Hundreds/thousands of product designs can be explored virtually and quickly
  • Only those designs that show an improvement on the original product/performance criteria are taken to the next stage - saving time and money in prototyping
  • We use our materials expertise, built up across many different industries, to shape the simulations - and to pick final designs
  • You will end up with a lighter product, that uses less material
  • This process is also adept at producing truly novel designs

So, if you want to develop products that are lighter, that use less material and that perform better than existing products, contact us now.


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