Product Lightweighting

Making a product lighter or ensuring that it is at its optimum (right) weight, whilst ensuring that its existing product characteristics, and hence product performance, are not affected can bring many business benefits, most notably cost benefits.

Please note that this video was filmed when we were still operating under our former name Ceram

At Lucideon, thanks to our materials knowledge, cross-industry experience and relentless innovation, we can, through design, material selection and material processing, work with you to lightweight and thus rightweight your products.

Why invest in lightweight materials technology?

Our goal at Lucideon is to MAKE MATERIALS WORK for you - with your business strategy, in mind.

  • Increase profitability - lighter products may mean less materials, less expensive materials , less processing and less handling/transportation/storage costs.
  • Grow market share - as they may use less energy and water and produce less carbon emissions lighter products are ‘green', something which positively influences consumer purchasing behaviour.
  • Improve product and process performance - lighter materials and associated technologies can lead to better products and optimized manufacturing routes.
  • Differentiate your product from competitors - lighten the load on your customers, reducing their costs and potential manual handling risks by being a leader in lightweighting.
  • Reduce resources usage and costs - less resources (energy, water, carbon) may be used to produce lighter products.
  • Develop new products - innovative ideas often stimulate new product development.

How do we do this?

  • Design - careful analysis of the properties required, fed into our sophisticated design optimization software, can indicate where the reductions can be made.
  • Material selection - with the benefit of the model, a search can be made for materials that can give the desired performance at the right cost.
  • Material formulation - using our expertise, we can formulate new materials and composites and develop new properties and new applications.
  • Material processing - The development of the right properties from new, different materials, may mean a different processing technology or routine - we can trial and optimize that process.

We use ideas, imagination, knowledge, experience, expertise and innovation to develop the project to get you the answers - practical, proven outcomes, in a timely and cost effective manner.

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