Feasibility and Pilot

At Lucideon we will work with you from the conception stage, through to feasibility, production and commercial realisation.

We focus on innovation and then test the feasibility of our ideas, performing studies to prove our ideas are viable. We always ensure that the feasibility process is fast and efficient as we know that time equals money.

Our prototyping and pilot plant facilities enable us to move trials from the lab to the pilot and manufacturing scale.

We have a wide range of pilot processes, from composition and forming to firing and machining, and also have dedicated glass laboratories with pilot scale facilities. We are also able to offer pilot scale facilities for powder processing and prototyping.

When testing or developing your materials or products we consider your upstream and downstream processes and how our work will fit in with them.

Our dedicated team has expertise in production process requirements at scale and translating these into clearly defined scale-up projects, ensuring a managed transition from lab-based technologies to pilot-scale and then production-scale processes.

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