Processing Failures

Processing failures causes downtime as the root causes of issues such as contamination, product faults and low yields are investigated.

Lucideon’s team of experts can work with you to find the root cause of failures quickly, for example identifying where contamination has occurred in the processing line.

Heading off problems before they occur is central to the work we do; we will work with you to optimize your manufacturing process, ensuring that yields are increased and waste is reduced.  We have proven success in manufacturing process improvements tailored specifically to ALM production, to reduce risk, improve process yield, optimize products and minimize failures.

Process optimization may be through:

  • Testing materials and products at the lab-scale to ensure they are ready for production.
  • Development of a new processing line or changes to an existing one.
  • Troubleshooting at the processing line to determine the root cause of failures.
  • Raw material/component acceptance testing through spot audits or routine testing.
  • New supplier/material qualification to validate that materials and components from new suppliers meet your specifications and will not be detrimental to your manufacturing processes.
  • Qualification of process changes to ensure compliance with specifications.
  • Scale-up of a technology from lab through to pilot and onto manufacturing scale.

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Webinar Recordings:

» Failure Analysis - What Engineers Need to Know
» Your Metal Component Has Failed in Fatigue - What do you do next?

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