Design Process

Eliminating and predicting failures during the design process is critical in order to bring optimized products to market quickly.

Whether you are designing a new product, application or process, we can help you to:

  • Select the right materials: Knowing the behaviour of a material in the anticipated usage environment is key to creating right-first-time products. We can help you to choose the right material, one that interacts with other materials and the environment in the way that you want it to.  The root causes of failures can often be linked back to materials issues; by working with you we can stop problems occurring further down the line.
  • Predict performance:  Our design data enables you to determine product performance in a variety of applications.  Will it bend?  Is it strong enough?  Is it porous?  These are just some of the questions that we ask. The more definitive your data on material properties are, the more accurate you'll be in your performance prediction.
  • Test your products: The final stage of engineering design is validation testing of either prototype or final design to verify designs prior to launch. Testing verifies that the concept is going to meet all design requirements before it is launched into full production.

Whether in the lab, at your site, or in the field, Lucideon supports the design process at every step. You can rely on us to provide the accurate data needed for designing safe, high-performance, cost-effective materials, products and processes - thereby avoiding product failures and the consequent failure analysis and root cause investigation.

Webinar Recordings:

» Failure Analysis - What Engineers Need to Know
» Your Metal Component Has Failed in Fatigue - What do you do next?

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