Contamination, such as stains, discolorations, fibres, particulates and thin film residues, causes product failure, product recalls and, in some cases, can close production lines.  In the medical devices and pharmaceutical industries, contamination of devices and drugs can have fatal consequences.  Problems such as staining can also be dangerous and, in any industry, can be aesthetically displeasing.

At Lucideon our failure analysis team uses a combination of analytical techniques to:

  • determine the chemical composition of a contaminant or stain
  • fingerprint suspect materials
  • validate the cleaning/manufacturing process to discover where the contamination was introduced.

Validating Cleanliness

Contaminants can be introduced at each phase of manufacture (such as milling, turning, blasting, polishing, lapping, deburring, laser treatment, printing and surface modification such as plasma deposition).

We can help you to understand and monitor the effectiveness of each cleaning stage.  Using surface analysis, residue analysis and particulate assessment, we can monitor each step to determine where contamination is introduced.   We have a proprietary validation service, VALIDATA, which determines the effectiveness of the cleaning process and environment on an ongoing basis.

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