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Failure Analysis

Fatigue Testing for Wind Turbines

Fatigue is the resistance of a material to fail during cyclical loading, and a material property crucial to the long-term reliability, safety and function of any wind turbine design.

Failure Analysis for Wind Components and Systems

Once a failure has occurred, our experienced materials engineers will determine if, and what kind of, fatigue, contributed to the failure.

Our team will guide you through the information, documentation, and sample collection process to provide the foundation for a successful failure investigation.

Using Failure Analysis Results for New Material Selections

Utilize Lucideon’s expertise and industry insight to efficiently select materials that will exhibit improved performance and are fit for the application, stresses and environment it will be used in.


Lucideon can validate that new materials are fit for use by performing cyclical fatigue testing through a range of stresses for a varying number of cycles.

Examples of fatigue investigations include:

  • Fatigue of copper rotor lead tabs
  • Fretting fatigue of bearings
  • HCF and LCF of turbine blades
  • Fatigue failures in bolts.