Materials Development

  • How do I choose the best materials for my product requirements?
  • How does my choice of materials affect the design and performance of my component?
  • Does this alloy give me the characteristics/properties that my component needs?

At Lucideon, we understand the materials that you’re using and we think you should as well.  Our metal, polymer, and ceramics experts understand materials, their properties and how they affects performance, and how different materials interact with each other.  We know that a small tweak in composition can dramatically improve a material’s functionality and that not all powder is the same.  A little time spent with our material consultants up front can have dramatic effects along the line.

Our experts can help you develop and characterize your additive manufacturing materials/powders:

  • Optimize your material inputs – Many variables can make or break a working additive manufacturing process or quality product. From morphology to chemical makeup, we understand what these variables mean to your products.
  • Select your materials – Choosing the best materials for your application is sometimes not as straightforward for additive manufacturing as it is for other manufacturing processes.  Work with our experts to choose the right materials for your application, component and additive manufacturing process.
  • Determine your recycling/reuse requirements – As materials can often be the most costly input to the process, it is important to understand when and how they can be reused. We identify when recycling and reuse may affect quality, performance, or productivity.
  • Characterization – Understanding your material, its make-up, structure, how it interacts with other materials and with its environment is important.  With over sixty years’ experience in materials characterization, we are the partner you can trust.  

Webinar Recordings:

» Common Post-Processing Treatments for Additive Manufactured Components
» Validation of Additive Manufactured Components through Specialized Testing
» Ensuring Quality & Standardization in Powder Metal Input for AM
» Additive Manufacturing for the Healthcare Sector - Challenges and Issues
» Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective

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