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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing - Fuel Cells

Do you use Additive Manufacturing or would like to introduce it as a novel process? From quality control and assurance, new product and process development and consultancy support, we can help.

Additive Manufacturing Quality Control and Assurance

As an unbiased third party, our materials analysts regularly qualify vendors and components by evaluating products in reference to a specification. Additionally, we perform raw material qualifications, cleanliness evaluations, 'first piece' and 'pilot lot' qualifications, and routine testing to support your quality programs for a wide variety of fuel cell and energy storage applications.

Additive Manufacturing New Product Development

Use additive material processes to optimise storage capacity, efficiencies, chemical reactions, sintering, densities, coating and seal integrity, microstructure of materials, bonding, adhesion, interface layer performance and product design.

With a background in materials development and processing throughout the supply chain we can help you to:

  • perform research & development
  • select and specify raw material sources
  • establish new design criteria
  • validate against established design specifications
  • Whatever your Additive Manufacturing challenge, we can help.

Additive Manufacturing Consultancy

Lucideon has been at the cutting edge of this developing technology since its inception, providing support to all levels of the development chain, helping you to optimise your fuel cells and develop those of the future. We have formed networks and relationships with equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, post-treatment processes and resource centres, test method development committees (i.e. ASTM), application companies and many users in various industries. And with a wide range of analytical capabilities at their disposal, our experts can provide support as you design, manufacture and qualify new energy storage and fuel cell components and devices.

Additive Manufacturing Processing Consultancy

We can help you choose the best AM technique for your application, validate manufacturing and material parameters, optimise post processing procedures (i.e. machining, HIPing), and perform recycle/reuse studies. And with our materials expertise in metals, ceramics and polymers we are experts at understanding powder and materials characteristics, properties and interactions, enabling quality issues and product failures to be minimised.

Analytical Techniques

  • Powder characterisation
  • Density analysis
  • Chemical analysis
  • Mechanical testing
  • Porosity analysis
  • Microstructural and metallurgical evaluations
  • Characterisation of interfaces between layers
  • Particle shedding analysis
  • 3D Strain Analysis
  • Cleanliness evaluations.