Component Design Optimization

  • Am I able to apply my existing design requirements to additive manufactured components?
  • What type of post processing is ideal for my material and final application?
  • Why is my component not meeting the required specification?

At Lucideon, we will work with you to optimize existing designs, improve design functionality and align your design to your business needs.

  • Application-specific testing – The more product performance can be understood in a real-world environment, the better. We specialize in developing custom tests that quantify performance characteristics, helping you to improve additive manufactured component designs.
  • R&D for product development/optimization – Acting as a standalone team or as an extension of your R&D team, our additive manufacturing experts identify and optimize the variables that affect product limitations, performance and cost of both materials and processing.
  • Failure analysis – Should your products fail in use or during development, we help you to understand why.  We'll find the root causes of failures and suggest solutions to stop them from happening again.
  • Repair/reuse/recycle analysis – Minimizing waste and increasing yield is critical to any business.  We’ll help you to evaluate whether components can be repaired or reused.
  • Development of validation plan – Our additive manufacturing experts will work with you to properly design a test plan that is aligned with your critical design parameters.

Webinar Recordings:

» Cleaning Issues with Additive Manufactured Devices
» Common Post-Processing Treatments for Additive Manufactured Components
» Validation of Additive Manufactured Components through Specialized Testing
» Ensuring Quality & Standardization in Powder Metal Input for AM
» Additive Manufacturing for the Healthcare Sector - Challenges and Issues
» Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Components - The Metallurgical Perspective

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    Your Metal Component has Failed in Fatigue: What do you do next?

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    Additive Manufacturing - A Metallurgical Perspective

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