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Smart materials with refined properties.

Our geopolymer platform, MIDAR, enables immediate, tailored and extended development of enhanced properties such as strength or fire resistance, by manipulating the formulation of inorganic materials (e.g. silica).

The synthesis process utilizes a range of parameters such as setting time, pH or temperature to achieve specific materials profiles, (e.g. structural, insulating or fire-resistant).  Using matrix projects, several profiles can be developed in parallel, if necessary.

MIDAR is highly flexible, with various final forms including solid, foamed or coated, and can be tailored to deliver both new materials and novel applications.

It can be included in the product formulation and it is also adapted for the delivery of coated or injectable treatments in current materials or structures.

  • Lower carbon footprint materials
  • Flexible to your product needs
  • High longevity and durability
  • Multiple different applications (full material replacements, additives, coatings, treatments, etc.).


  • Alternatives to traditional cements and mortars
  • Alternatives to structural materials (blocks, panels and boards)
  • Fire-resistant products
  • Chemical resistant products
  • Insulating products
  • Coatings and protective treatments
  • Waste encapsulation and waste-based binders.

We work with you to find the best technology options for your construction needs.

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