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Standards and Legislation in the Construction Industry

Standards, regulations and legislation are part and parcel of the modern construction sector. Whether you are a manufacturer, designer/architect or user, an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the requirements, of both materials and applications is essential.

As experts in the field, we have access to a vast array of documentation and play a major role in influencing and producing the content of these UK and European documents.

Lucideon represents the UK on a number of construction related standards and regulatory committees, including CEN (Committee for European Standardisation) and BSI (British Standards Institution). From this involvement we are able to offer up-to-date advice and guidance on standards and the regulatory and legislative framework connected with the construction sector, such as the European Code of Practice for the design of masonry and the European Standards for masonry units, mortars and ancillary components. Lucideon is a Notified Body for testing a wide range of products covered by the Construction Products Directive for CE marking purposes.

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