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Materials & Process Consultancy

We work across a diverse range of consultancy projects - from devising a test method for a novel building product to creating experimental programs and supporting real design situations.  Our services cover everything from materials selection, product design and development, through to failure analysis and structural design support.

Failure Investigations

A material, structure or structural element can fail on-site, either during the construction phase or during its design life.  Work programs can be put together to generate information to discover the cause of a material or structural failure and to develop a method to mitigate or correct it.

Site Investigations

We undertake on-site investigations to establish material properties or the structural adequacy of the building superstructure.  Sampling can be carried out on-site and analyzed in our laboratories to evaluate material properties or chemical composition.  We are also able to assess the suitability of materials or adequacy of installation.

Advanced Materials Development

Prior to a project beginning, we assess technology options and conduct a feasibility study to ensure the platform is viable.  The development process then starts in our laboratories using the chosen technology.


Material properties and characteristics can be benchmarked to allow generic products to be used when there are no standard requirements in place.  This allows a broader range of products to be sourced with no fear of reduced performance and hence provides a more cost-effective approach to sourcing and buying.

Materials Characterization

Our experts carry out on-site sampling to establish physical properties such as compressive strength, water absorption, modulus of rupture and durability properties.  The materials are analyzed to give elemental content and characterization, or mineralogical phases.

Environmental Characterization

All aspects of environmental impacts need to be considered.  Of major importance is the suitability of materials with respect to their design life.  Samples can be subjected to accelerated weathering and assessments made as to their structural integrity as well as their aesthetics.

Repairs Validation

We can assess the suitability of materials for repairs to historic buildings or structural elements.  The durability aspects and structural performance-enhancing capacity can be verified on-site or in our laboratories.

Reuse of Buildings

We provide structurally intrusive and non-intrusive investigations of existing buildings which are undergoing refurbishment for change of use.  This can include a structural stocktake, assessment of redundant capacity and of usable life left in the structure.

Building Control Compliance

All new construction projects need to comply with current building regulations.  We verify non-standard building designs as robust details will not necessarily be available or suitable for use.

Litigation & Expert Witness

Litigation and expert witness is often required if accidents occur during service of the building, or to investigate failure within the structure and building envelope.  The failure may be due to poorly or wrongly specified materials, structural components, or poor installation.  Our expert witnesses can carry out site inspections and create a customized program to investigate the causes of any failures.

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