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Wind Serviceability

Understanding how your products, components and structures will perform under wind loading is critical.  At Lucideon we can help you to do this.  

Using an instrumented dynamic pressure chamber, we are able to apply both positive and negative wind loads to vertical elements.

The chambers are pre-programed to carry out wind gusts in accordance with recognized standards, or customized programs can be developed to simulate other particular site-based conditions.

As our rigs can hold samples with a maximum vertical span of 6.6m and a maximum horizontal span of 3.6m, we are able to construct specimens incorporating detailing such as window and door reveals and spandrel panels.

We also use the chamber to study the effects of air moving past solid objects.  This can help us and you to understand and predict the responses of a structure, structural components, and cladding to a variety of wind conditions.

All samples are instrumented to look at the deflections and strains developed during the load sequence.  And air-tightness, displacements under wind pressure and rain penetration are all parameters we measure before the structure is forced above its breaking point.

We can also analyze roof constructions, applying dynamic wind uplift testing to represent fatigue loading over the design life of the roof covering.  This can be used for roof membranes, commercial roof systems or traditional domestic roof tiles.

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