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Weather Resistance & Durability

At Lucideon we know how important it is to considers all aspects of environmental impact. We carry out testing to find out whether products and systems are fit for purpose and should failures occur, we can investigate why they have happened.

You want to be sure that your cladding materials, such as, renders, brickwork, concrete and modern composite cladding, can perform for its intended life cycle (particularly with the requirement of design life commonly being over 60 years).

We can subject samples to accelerated weathering and make assessments about their structural integrity as well as their aesthetics.

Wind driven rain penetration can be a particular problem when looking at modular construction or timber frame and lightweight steel frame buildings as water ingress can cause deterioration of the structural frame and hence affect the load bearing capacity of the building.

Our experts carry out tests under dynamic conditions which represent the different levels of exposure found across the UK. This ultimately allows the system to be categorized for use but also allows any poor detailing to be addressed prior to use.

If you are looking to explore a building's energy efficiency and usage, we can also help. We use thermography testing on buildings to explore energy efficiency and cold bridging problems, as well as heat flux plates to monitor energy usage and the efficiency of insulation systems. We also carry out assessments for condensation risk and carbon footprinting.

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Customized Test Program for a Novel EWI System

The customized test program carried out by Lucideon enabled Mauer to achieve third party certification and for their product to enter the market quickly.

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